Taryn & Austin Engaged

taraus-7I love that Taryn & Austin braved the cold weather and went for a winter engagement shoot!

And I love that they chose the locations of their shoot based on meaningful places to them – Taryn is more your city girl and Austin is your country boy type. They met in their apartment complex being neighbors right next door (it was fate!) so of course we had to get a few shots in their neighborhood! Then, they introduced me to Lone Elk Park. People, how had I never heard of this place before?! So. cool. – it’s drive through a forest reserve with roaming elk, bison, and deer! This was a perfect blend of their personalities – Taryn remembered driving through this park frequently as a little girl and Austin is outdoorsy and loves hunting. (don’t worry, he left his guns at home for the shoot, hah!) We had to dodge a few dung piles, but the animals left us alone and we captured some fast smiles and cuddles between warm-up breaks in the car.

Can’t wait to see how they blend their styles for their wedding as well!
taraus-14taraus-8taraus-9taraus-10taraus-11taraus-13taraus-13taraus-3taraus-6taraus-5taraus-4taraus-2After this shoot, I was inspired to take Andy and a pair of binoculars back with me to Lone Elk Park. It was a fun afternoon surprise date; he loved it! Thanks for the great idea, Taryn & Austin!