Lisa & Edmund’s Missouri Farm Engagement

le-9le-10le-11le-12le-14le-19le-13le-15le-18le-17le-16le-22le-1le-21le-23le-7le-2le-4le-8le-26le-6le-24le-27le-29le-25le-30If you couldn’t tell, I have a lot of favorites from Lisa & Edmund’s session! Turning the corner at the top of the hill to drive down the gravel lane as I followed them to their family farm felt straight out of a movie scene; the most beautiful Missouri view I’ve seen so far with open sky, huge green pastures, grazing horses, old barns and rolling blue hills in the distance. As the sun dropped low in the sky, Lisa slipped into her Anthropologie dress – seriously, I can’t think of a prettier combination than that dress with those fields!  A photographer’s dream – I was pinching myself. Such a gorgeous shoot!!