Karen & Jaime Engaged

k&jpreview-001I absolutely loved the locations we got to shoot at for Jaime & Karen’s engagement session! Two of St. Louis’s best – Venice Cafe and the Botanical Gardens. Both offered us array of bright colors! These two love to travel the world, and I feel like we were able to capture a bit of that feeling of adventure through the funky old-world look of the Benton Park neighborhood and the glowy, late-evening sun in the Mediterranean & Japanese gardens.k&jpreview-003k&jpreview-007k&jpreview-006k&jpreview-010k&jpreview-002k&jpreview-005k&jpreview-004k&jpreview-018k&jpreview-018k&jpreview-016k&jpreview-014k&jpreview-011k&jpreview-012k&jpreview-013If any of you brides out there love to travel as well like me, check out this amazing destination wedding contest for free photography from yours truly!! I would love to capture your amazing wedding day location!