Hiking in Nevada

vegas-1As we get ready to embark on another hiking adventure, I felt it fitting to finally sit down and take the time to share last year’s trip. A very kind friend of mine wasn’t able to use up all of his time share points and generously offered us a stay at any of the available timeshares. It was a last-minute decision- literally had the opportunity fall into our lap the week before we left, and it turned out to be one of the best spontaneous decisions we’ve ever made.

What place that we had never been was a direct flight from STL, still had availability, and had pretty hiking? Well, turned out that was Las Vegas. That’s right, what you are about to see is our adventure in Las Vegas…though probably not as you think of it. Yes, we did do one day on the strip but it just wasn’t our cup of tea. Instead the rest of the days were spent driving within just 30 min of the strip to some of the most amazing canyons & rock formations I’ve ever seen in my life. You guys, I’m telling you, if you go to Vegas and don’t venture out of the strip you are missing out big time! Not only is it more beautiful, but it’s better for your health and your wallet. One of the most amazing moments for us was while hiking at Fire Valley State Park we witnessed a herd of wild rams run across the crest of a rock formation and on to another mountain. Sorry but you can’t convince me there’s any Vegas Show that is more spectacular than this… vegas-32vegas-3vegas-2vegas-5vegas-9vegas-4vegas-21vegas-20vegas-22vegas-34vegas-29vegas-6vegas-7vegas-36vegas-31vegas-10vegas-18vegas-33vegas-28vegas-17vegas-13vegas-14vegas-16vegas-15vegas-12vegas-8vegas-23vegas-19vegas-43vegas-24vegas-35vegas-25vegas-26vegas-30vegas-27vegas-44vegas-42vegas-38vegas-39vegas-37vegas-40vegas-41vegas-45vegas-46From the bottom of my heart, thank you, J.B. for making this amazing experience possible for us.