Fun in Fort Myers, Florida

fl15-002Once every year or so, we try to make a trip down to Florida to visit my sister’s family. (not that she has to pull my arm – I’d love to visit more of course! but ya know flying is expensive)

Besides the obvious things we all love about Florida – the warmth, sunshine, palm trees, ocean air, white sandy beaches, and beautiful ocean – I also love the colors. I love that these people don’t hold back with the paint – everything is so bright and cheery!

A few of my favorite moments you can see below – walking in a small artsy fishing town and then eating the most amazing fish dinner at an old dock fish house, going out on a boat fishing with Andy and my brother-in-law, beach & pool time, and… listening to my niece, Rebecca, babble nonsense and stick what was left of her sticker book on Andy during a lazy afternoon…Andy would mimic her every word and then they would laugh and laugh.fl15-009fl15-001fl15-007fl15-004fl15-005fl15-011fl15-008fl15-013fl15-012fl15-003fl15-010fl15-014fl15-006